Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Team Saturn Lemond

I just noticed that I haven't posted any pics of the Team Saturn Lemond I acquired several years ago. Two of the pics are from the internet, the others were taken after I got the bike.  I really do not know which Lemond model this is. It bears a Reynolds 853 tubing sticker. The bike handles very nicely and is several pounds lighter than my daily rider.

I have replaced the 105 compact crankset with the standard road Dura Ace double that was standard on this model. I sold the wheels and am now running Mavic Open Pros with Ultegra hubs because I felt like I needed the extra spokes. I also swapped out the saddle for a Brooks B-17 -- nothing is too fine for my behind.

Enjoy. ..

Team Sponsors: Timex, Saturn, Time, Reynolds, Shimano, Michelin