Saturday, January 21, 2012

Schwinn World Sport Fixie

Here are pics of my latest creation, a Schwinn WorldSport fixed gear conversion. I picked up the bike from a guy on Craigs List a few weeks back, and just finished converting it to ride fixed.

The bike was dirty with tarnished components but it cleaned up nicely. The paint was really dull but a bit of rubbing compound followed by some Turtle Was brought back the color and shine.

All the bearings and cups were good, even those in the hubs. I decided to use the Mavic wheels that you see in the pictures, though, simply because I had them. Every thing else is original save the stem, bar and brake levers.

It measures 48, ST, center to center, and 53 TT, center to center. Current running gear is 44 x 13, which yields about an 87-inch gear.